What Ails You(A-Z)?


This section of the website will be provide an education on a disease by disease basis. You will see that when you correct as much as you can all 4 pillars of health, you can often reduce and reverse most of the chronic diseases that we find in our modern culture.

I’d like to point out that my goal on this website is to provide enough information so that you don’t need me anymore. I want to become useless to you as a source of information since I believe in just a few hours you can learn what it takes to reverse most diseases.

In my practice, as an example, the information required to greatly improve and often completely heal psoriasis, lupus, and atopic dermatitis takes around 3-6 hours of instruction. One of the greatest feelings I have as a physician is having a patient stop coming in because they are now disease free.

Nonetheless, as I have explained in other parts of this website, the learning that I get seeing this transformation is tremendous. When people take control of their lives in such a way – I learn the power of healing and the sacredness of the relationship that exists between a doctor and a patient.

I’d like you to understand in this section, that by proceeding on the road of balancing the 4 pillars, you learn so much about your body and your life that you become a new person. William Osler, MD, considered a founding father of medicine in North America, said “It is more important to know what sort of patient has a disease than what sort of a disease a patient has.”

When you become your own authority in your health, you truly become a new person. Is it any wonder then that taking the quote of Dr. Osler further, that this new person, no longer has or is limited by his disease. This section of the website is my most precious not because the knowledge is any more deep than the others. It is the most precious because the changes that take place when you squarely face something that is causing suffering to you, are the most dramatic and life changing. I invite you on this journey and will do my best to be a guide along the way.

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