Western Spirituality -

This part of the website will discuss useful teachings from western spirituality.  While the religions of the east like Hinduism, Buddhism, etc have wonderful teachings – they evolved in the setting and personality of the east.  Many have found solace and personal growth through the teachings of the east but they don’t always suit every westerner’s sensibilities especially when such teachings already exist in their own traditions.

What drives people to the religions of the east is that they don’t see the accessibility of the same sort of teachings in the west.  They are there in such great abundance, it’s a pity they have not been brought to light.   While the reasons for this are beyond the scope of this introduction – let me assure you that the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Sufi mystics probed deeply into the soul with techniques that rival and in many cases exceed those of the east.   That there is disbelief about this shows how hidden or unknown these teachings are.

My goal for the articles and teaching in this part of the website is to liberate some of these teachings that resonate deeply with people of Western sensibilities, one that won’t likely conflict with the observances of the religion of your birth.  Even teachers in the East recognize this.  The Dalai Lama was once asked to comment on the fact that so many Jewish people have adopted Buddhism. He said “I think it is very important that you make these (Jewish) teachings available for everyone, especially intellectual people….. I have seen many similarities between your tradition and ours. If you make these teachings available, why would your people want Buddhist tantra? You have your own tantra!  . . .  . Provide them with all the materials, all spiritual teachings.”

While it is not my place to work on shining a general light on these teachings even though I have spent many years probing them myself, it is my intention to publicize those traditions that further health awareness.  These are tools that bring more awareness of your health situation which leads to more freedom.  That freedom will give you confidence to then become the captain of your ship in regards to health and will be important for those of you with strong spiritual leanings.

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