Weight Loss and Type 1 Diabetes

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Subject: Please Help

Dear Dr. Carp,

I have tried various diets with no results and can’t help but wonder if my Type 1 diabetes might be the culprit. Even calories in/calories out doesn’t work. Mind you, I only want/need to lose 8-10 lbs.

I know obesity is related to insulin resistance. I am not obese, but could it be that because I inject insulin, this blocks my ability to lose weight?

I have NEVER read any info about the aforementioned. Any thoughts you have on why I can’t lose the weight would be appreciated. True, I am not sleeping well and I thought about that.

Thank you. Happy New Year.

My response :

I got your email.  Having type 1 diabetes definitely can affect your weight loss affects.   Insulin causes your body to lay down fat but you can still lose that extra weight if you wish.  If you are willing to answer the questions below, I can help you with this.  Nutrient and calorie density will be important concepts here so let me explain that briefly.   Nutrient density is a measure of how many vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients in a food compared to the calorie density.   Sometimes known as an ANDI scale  Those that are very dense in calories but have few nutrients we need to identify in your diet.   Also we need identify if you are eating any foods that can increase help by increasing insulin sensitivity in your body.
1.  What was your last HgA1c?
2.  What foods do you eat that have flour, oil, and sugar (high calorie density) in them?
3.  What supplements if any do you take?  There are some that can help but I need to know if you take any presently?
4.  Many people exercise in a way that actually can make it more difficult to lose weight.  Can you tell me how mobile you are and what sort of exercise you do
5.  What oils do you use to cook with?
6.  How old are you?

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