Up and Down

Our world is characterized by cycles.   Everything in it.   In addition to a beginning and end, there are periods of increase and decrease.  Everything in the material universe has these 2 characteristics – 1.  a beginning and an end 2. periods of increase and decrease.    The sun had a beginning and will have an end.   It also has periods of increased activity and decreased activity.   Our physical lives have a beginning and an end and periods of increase and decrease.

So it goes with any creation of ours in the material.  A business and segments within a business, a piece of artwork and its components, a building and various parts of it etc. In this sense, all material things are events in time.   Robert Rhondell Gibson gives the example of a watch.   It has a beginning, middle, and end.   It started as various metals fashioned in one shape but over 100’s or 1000’s of years will eventually fall back into these metals again.   So, this event in time is known as a watch.

Everything, in fact, can be seen as an event.  Our physical lives are events and in these events are periods of increase and decrease.   This natural set of cycles is expressed in the Bible in Ecclesiastes “for everything a time and season under the sun.”

When you are confronted with a decrease/ setback/constriction in something in your life keep in mind that in some other part of your life you are also in an increase and that cycles of growth and constriction are a normal part of life.   Also, know that in the life of humanity, especially from the perspective of psyche/soul we can choose to turn periods of decrease into periods of even higher elevation, like pulling a slingshot back to go even further.    Denying/Ignoring/Fighting these cycles is as fruitless as a sailor denying the reality of the tides.

So all of this begs the question – is anything eternal?   Only the non-physical.  Our soul/psyche is eternal.  Ideas on eternal.   Should we wish to tap into the eternal, we do so by engaging with the eternal, by exploring ideas and getting to know our eternal self, our soul/psyche.   When we see things more from this eternal/permanent place then the fluctuations of increase and decrease, the events of life, appear less dramatic to influencing our emotions and stability.  Instead, they become interesting observations about the natural course of things in this material world.  Unfortunately – the folly of life is that we lose track of our psyche/soul and instead identify ourselves with the physical aspects of ourselves and the events and fluctuations of material life.

Base your stability solely on the physical world and you are like a ship not tied to anything, subject to the ebb and flow of the tides and storms of the sea.  Observe, study, and learn the tides and storms and you become a master sailor who uses the tides and currents much like an artist uses his creativity.  He sees the eternal behind the tides.   He accepts the tides and currents but doesn’t base his / her happiness on getting that perfect day.   He uses what he has.  Focus on the direction your non-material psyche/soul wishes to go, observe and recognize the reality of ups and downs, and get on with things.

Be the artist!

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