This section of the website is designed to provide a complete education in what constitutes the proper movement of the body to maintain and enhance health. This is one of the four pillars discussed on this website which includes nutrition, mental state, and environmental influences.

It will tackle in addition to exercise, sleep patterns, sexual activity, and posture.

Exercise will be divided into the main categories as I see them. High Intensity short duration, slow low intensity movement, resistance training and core work. When I am running through the exercise plans of most of my patients I find they seem to be trapped in the 80’s doing long duration cardio workouts which often tax the body and create more a stress reaction in body. Lots of the theoretical work behind what constitutes the proper exercise have come out of the ancestral health and paleo communities. By mimicking what ancestral man did during his day, it is thought, we approach what the body was evolved to do.

Mark Sisson who is a paleo guru breaks it down to move, lift, and sprint. Move slowly often, move quicker for short bursts, and lift heavy things. This is the clearest exposition of what constitutes a balanced exercise plan. In this section we will discuss these in detail and what to do where you are in your life right now all with the idea that you can become your own authority on this manner.

We will also discuss sleep patterns and sexual activity and how that relates to being a health and active man in the world.

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