Mental State


This section of the website is designed to explore the role of your mental state on health and wellness. It is one of the 4 pillars of health that you will hear more about on this website which also include nutrition, environmental influences, and movement. We will be exploring not just how you can become more aware of how your mental state affects your health but also exercises to gain control over your mental state.

The fact is that though we feel as though we have free choice, it is for the majority of the population at large not so. We would all choose to remain in a state of calm all day long but we are not that way. People “push our buttons” and we lose control over our intention to be calm and happy. When someone is capable of pushing your buttons, you are behaving mechanically. When you are behaving mechanically you don’t have free choice.

So, we will be discussing how to not be mechanical because as long as you are mechanical you are a slave. Freedom only comes when you are not acting mechanically. Objective awareness of your environment and situation only happens when you are not behaving mechanically. I am not talking about the mechanical physical motions that we undertake every day, I am talking about the mental mechanical reactions that happen to us everyday.

We will also be discussing the use of mental imagery as a tool brought down from an ancient source in Western spirituality. This tool which I will be teaching you is simple, quick, and remarkably helpful to help restore your freedom. When you liberate yourself from the mechanical motions of action and reaction without thought, you become truly free. Between action and reaction is a brief space where you can decide to make a choice. In that space lies your freedom, someone once said. What you will discuss should you undertake this path, is that that space, which now may appear to be the a small fraction of time, can be felt and expanded to help you become free.

How does this relate to your health? When you lose your cool or react automatically – that excess energy that is developed contributes to upsetting the delicate balance of your body. In the wild, this energy would be channeled into a fight or flight response, where you would run from a predator for example. In our modern life, this energy cannot be spent so it lingers and upsets the balance of your body. The answer to this is to gain understanding of your mental state. This section of the website will discuss these subjects.

(freely adapted from Dr. Robert Rhondell Gibson and Dr. Gerald Epstein)

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