The overarching theme of this website is education and awareness. As such, in this section of the website, we will be discussing society and what aspects of society prevent us from learning to become aware of what is important in becoming your own authority on health matters.

As mentioned previously on this site, becoming your own authority does not mean you don’t search for experts, what it means is you become the final arbiter of what is important and make your own decisions from the various sources of information out there.

The media and government agencies along with a whole host of people you know like to tell you that are not qualified to make decisions for yourself. This suggestion is repeated over and over again. It’s like hypnosis.

Freedom concerns each and every one of us. Freedom to learn about your health and to be in charge of your health is a natural right as I see it. Any person or group that seeks to take that away from you either through mental suggestion or force, is taking away your freedom.

Choose life and freedom. In Deuteronomy 30:19 it says – “I have set before you( a choice of) life or death, blessing or curse. Choose life” It doesn’t say you need to consult an authority – there is only one Authority. Choosing life consists of making ongoing choices that point toward contributing to life and living. If one makes those decisions for you as an adult, that would be slavery. People often yield and prefer this sort of slavery because they think it is comforting and pleasurable. This website is for warriors who see value in the struggle to find freedom and make a contribution to Life and living for you and those you care about. You don’t do it by telling them what to do but by living by example.

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