Environmental Toxins


This section of the website is to educate you on avoiding things in your environment that are toxic. This falls under the pillar of environmental influences that is one of the 4 pillars of health that include nutrition, mental state, and movement / exercise. I am not in favor of detox protocols as patients of mine who go through what are calling healing crises are generally not happy and it can be done gradually instead minimizing most of these unpleasant side effects. That being said, you most likely will experience some sort of ill-feeling when you decide to go through detoxification. When I decided to remove all processed carbohydrates from my diet, I felt cold and achy for around 10 days. Once you get through what only usually lasts 5-15 days, your body starts to wake up and you feel great.

This is section is to learn how your body detoxifies itself and also for you to learn enough to come up with your own detoxification program. The fact is that living in the modern world exposes us to chemicals that our ancestors did not encounter. The biologic processes of detoxification, though, can still handle these insults, provided you help them along. You will learn that here.

The insults to your body’s balance can be roughly divided into the following categories.

  • 1.Drugs
  • 2.Anti-nutrients found in food
  • 3.Heavy metals
  • 4.Modern chemicals
  • 5.Allergens
  • 6.Ionizing radiation

You will learn about what to do about all of the above. All of the above upset the delicate balance of the body. Eliminate the majority of them and that alone will change the way you feel in an amazing way. You can learn this material and become a resource for yourself and your family.

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