Book Reviews


This section of the website is for book reviews. Besides being an excellent tool to help me to become a better, more thoughtful writer, it will also serve to help me learn and review the material I read. Sounds selfish? So be it 🙂 Hopefully for you it will be a concise summary of the main points of the book to serve as a learning springboard on the topic and potential for you to read and comment on the book as well.

There is simply no getting around reading books. If you think you can learn what you need to learn by reading posts on websites and watching youtube educational videos you are mistaken. There is magic in a book. It is something that an author (hopefully) spent many hours on refining the message so that it conveys the message in the most efficient way.

I won’t be reviewing any books that I don’t like. The book reviews will be of books that have impressed me, that I learned from, and some that have changed my life. I invite you to share some of the books that you value in your life in comments below. Also please don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter at the top of the page to keep up-to-date on the latest book discussion and review.

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