jonathan_img2This website is designed to fulfill what one of my teachers Gerald Epstein, MD says is the task of all people who wish to achieve independence and freedom in their lives and that is “to become your own authority.”Part of the website is geared to men between the ages of 15-45 since besides teaching the basics of health in all aspects of your life, it will also be a forum for discussing the issue of masculinity and how that is important in realizing your true self.   We live in a very unbalanced world when it comes to people being true to the masculine / feminine core that is a part of our life in this world.  In that sense, those discussions will resonate with women as well.

My main thesis on this website is that you are fully capable of learning what it takes to become a resource for yourself and those you care about when it comes to human health and its various aspects. The natural hierarchical structure of how medical information is given to people is that there are experts and there are patients and that the two should not intersect. While finding good sources and experts are important, it is still your responsibility to become the final arbiter when it comes to your health and your future. The existing structure does not provide the appropriate help for you to achieve that independence and freedom. The internet is the perfect place to find like minded individuals who understand deeply and resonate with the notion that it is your birthright to be your own authority in your life.

Never before in the history of humanity has so much information be available with the touch of a button. One needs, however, to sort out which messages are based on giving you the power and independence required vs those that keep you in a narrow space and needing to rely on others for making decisions.

In my medical practice as an example, there are lifestyle changes that I can teach to patients that can improve psoriasis and atopic dermatitis so dramatically that it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in 14 years of medical practice. I explain this to all of my patients that come in. Despite this, only around 1% of those patients really want to take control themselves. I honor their decision and use all the tools I learned in medical school and residency to alleviate their conditions. They need to come to this sort of learning on their own. Coercing people to take lifestyle changes is still coercion, healers of all stripes must honor the decisions people make when it comes to their own health but must be open should they change their mind. The main problem is that most healers and patients are both trapped in a certain mindset.

This website is for that 1% of the population who recognize there is another way. I do not seek students as much as like-minded individuals who recognize that a very different but very old path exists. I don’t seek to convince anybody of anything. I challenge you to try what I have learned from ridiculously amazing teachers that I am blessed to have come across. Nothing you find on this website is original. Try it out, if it works for you fine, if it doesn’t discard it. Everything here will be as practical as possible.

This website will also serve as a wake-up call reminding you that when it comes to your health and growth, you must be your own resource and authority. It teaches you the basic skills to evaluate scientific information by stripping it of its surrounding jargon and misleading intentions. You will see that the science can be deep but the basic lessons and conclusions are easy to understand.

About me personally, I have practiced medicine in the capacity of a dermatologist since the year 2000. I am also a successful entrepreneur with a non-medical business. The lessons I have learned running a business have been invaluable to me. I live in Santa Monica since the beach to me is heaven on earth. It grounds and centers me. I am a voracious reader and consider my books my most precious possessions.

What excites me most about this website is that it will amplify my own learning since without fail once I am privileged to witness someone take control of their lives, I learn much more from them than they learn from me. In that sense, I have come to fully understand what Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi said in the Talmud “I learned much from my teachers, more than that did I learn from my colleagues, but most of all from my students!”

I look forward to building a small community of people who resonate with the messages on this website. Sign up now for the newsletter to stay informed.